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  1. awww i luv it! but still sweet! lol. unless you voice is like really butch to make up for it... lol.
    and sweet isn't a bad thing! x
  2. ah yeahhh obviii! lmao. but it's non the less in B&W and thus hide your gingerness! lol x
  3. haha nah you look really sweet but it's in B&W!! :O pointless for showing your gingerness! lol x
  4. i am a rare one! lol
    but red headed girls are :sogood: i luv they're pale skin and lush hair
    but guys can differ.... some a soooo amazing and others can be a bit creepy lol sorry x
  5. haha i likes it. actually my friend has ever dyed her hair, but another friend dyed her hair for years in school but at college she didn't
    dont see why people pick on gingers, i luuuuvv the colour! x
  6. nah i hate it! i dye my hair black... suits me a lot better
    oh i do, i luv all you gingers.... actuall my best friend is ginger!! she's lush! x
  7. i know my sister and nephews got the better genes! :'( x
  8. hahaa no, unfortunatly not x
  9. gingers are thee best aint they?
  10. outworn
    Miss you!

    I was being emo again, BUT I'M BACK
    Wanna get drunk soooooon?

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