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  1. ok thanks for that, one more thing, if you drive once a week after 11pm for about 30 - 40 mins would it make a lot of difference?
  2. Hey man you alright? basically I was researching a bit about this smarbox thing from cooperative and I came across a thread where you offered help on getting the premium down. Would you be kind enough to tell me some of these tips and tricks too please? and how has it been since you got that insurance? I've got one more problem with this though, my uncle is the main driver and he lives in a different town than mine but I'll be the one who will be using the car so it will be kept at my address. But when I try to do the quote it tells me that the car has to be kept at his address. Would this matter? I mean, the smarbox does know where the car is kept but I'm not sure if they will check this against the address given in the quote.
    Thanks for your help man, much appreciated
  3. Hi, just browsing through the forums and found your post on the cooperative insurance post? Saw you said you had tips on getting your premium under £1000.
  4. Hi doctor

    hope you can help me, can you give me some more info regarding plus med students, iv paid a deposit with them, but I did get in touch with study med abroad but they replied after two weeks, in the meantime someone from plus med made contact with us by phone, and spoke to me and therefore went ahead, I'm having second thoughts now and might want my deposit back and go with study med abroad
  5. Would you mind please uploading AQA AS SS1B (statistics 1B) & MPC2 (Maths Core 2) Markscheme, thanks a lot for you time
  6. I'm at the didn't get the grades stage, not sure whether it's worth trying again :/ did you get any interviews second time? And are you going abroad this year?
  7. Hey, just saw you're a wannabe medic considering abroad, were you an offer holder who missed their grades or did you not get offers but got the grades?
  8. Hiii, read about your post on tricking co-op into giving you lower quotes, tell me your tricks please?!
  9. I read you know about getting low car insurance quotes, can you pm me?
  10. I am at University of Southampton

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