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  1. Hello!

    Hope the exams are going well! (nearly over now!)

    I was wondering if you could please help me with this question.

    15cm3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon at 100degrees wa mixed with exess oxygen and exploded. Cooling the products caused a reduction in the volume equivalent to 30cm3 at the orginal temperature. A further reduction of 30cm3 occured on exposure to conc. alkali.

    What is the formula of the hydrocarbon??
  2. Oh biology5? And good luck with maths!! I did it in AS, absolutely hated it lol so I dropped! Pheww!
  3. Thank you!

    And you did CHEM5 in january? How come, guessing your re-sitting this year?

    Do u have any exams left?
  4. The person below me will be sitting the same exams as me lol, wanted to say hello and will you be doing Chem5?
  5. SoftMusk
    hey sorry for late reply...i have 7 exams in total but now 3 left; bio 4, bio 5, chem 5 (: hbu?
  6. Mr M
    I'll be doing them later but I'm teaching all day.
  7. Oh dear :O though i gotta get used to essays because im doing A2 psychology next year i think unless i drop it and take up maths and physics and stay at college an extra year though dunno if i wanna do that.

    Well atleast the grade boundaries are fairer
  8. ah gl with those how come you aint doing Chem 5? We start Chem4 next friday, though have been reading up on acids and bases and the ph calculations as my teacher sent me all his slides so i could be prepaired i heard that HBIO5 has an essay :O:O?
  9. ah thats gd chin up lol , i hope it all goes smoothly for ya what exams you got ? x
  10. ah ;p geting good grades in ya mock past papers ? Oh i've done all my exams(hbio1,2 Chem1,2 and Psya2) starting A2 next week :O x

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