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  1. PhenolphthaleinX
    yepp, thank you i dont mind them taking their time though. yay congrats man!! feels great, right?
  2. PhenolphthaleinX
    actually thanks for the long reply yeah my interview was very short :/ t'was only 10 min long... they only asked questions like why HKBU, why maths, where else i applied to, etc... thanks for the info so where are you going / whats your first choice?
  3. Hi. I am applying for hku medi as well. Do you mind telling my your overall marks as I only know that you got 5A*. (CU are asking for 540/600 and I was wonder would it be an adv. if I took 5A-levels rather than 4) Cheers
  4. PhenolphthaleinX
    hey thank you so much!!!! thank you soooooo very much for all your advice!!!!!! yep I know HKBU isn't a top notch uni that's why it's my safety choice going there is better than not going to uni at all!

    since I'm having a video call interview, I'm not sure how a group interview is possible >.< so it's most likely an individual one. how long are the interviews usually? I'm scaaaaaared!!
  5. PhenolphthaleinX
    hello there! how are you? i need some advice. i got an interview from HKBU for maths. but idk what kind of interview it will be. any idea? is it an academic interview (so i'll be asked maths questions) or just a get-to-know interview to find out more about me?

    and do you know anyone who applied to HKBU?

    thanks a lot!!
  6. i already secured my place at cuhk n received hku interview offer bt cuhk is always my top choice so considering nt goin to hku lollll bt the problem is my parents want me to go to hku if i can get in so ill prob try to screw my interview sounds a bit crazy lollll bt really dont wanna go to a uni thts next to my home lolllll i do hold a hkid card bt jus the university life ...act not only its the life here in the uk in general makes me wanna stayy n dont wanna turn down any of my uni offers ;( facing a serious dilemma now lollllll jus wanna see how the others made their decisions thts y i msg-ed you
  7. heyyyyy u from hong kong rite ? x same here n im applying med as well bt now studying in the uk. saw tht you are going to take ur cuhk offer jus wondering how did you decide on tht ? i mean wht makes you choose med sku in hong kong over uk ones ? x
  8. Haha it's beyond acceptable. It's in fact above average. Haha, which sort of makes sense considering you got a offer for medicine in CU.
  9. Ooo wow that takes a lot of conviction. I know this is a weird question but where did you learn your english? It's so good haha
  10. Omg I'm so sorry I replied you so late but wow I knew it was so hard, but when you put all the facts and figures altogether it seems even harder. Haha nah, I'm not thinking of majoring in architecture. I took the summer architecture program in HKU and it was enough. But overall it was a great experience. Erm I'm holding American qualifications, but if you don't mind me asking are you a DSE student?

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