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  1. wow so close, which subject? good luck!
    That's good, still haven't finished mine haha you're right its soo tedious.
    Yeah, I think I'm going up there with a few friends to check it out and stuff. Won't really get to see the uni, but it'll be nice to have a look round the city
  2. TheButcherBoii
    yea lol i wish ive done more too :/// two weeks from now first exam !!!
    I sorted my finance so basically I am gona be considered as UK student so thats good... but cba with the forms like did it almost all, but now just my bank details etc ,,, very tedious !! haha yea 'adult' thats right ) are u planning to go Durham during summer??
  3. haha, yeah it would be difficult to get a motorbike over
    Yeh, I just filled in the form online and my dad has a few things to fill in and then its good to go, doesn't take too long
    And thanks!! Finally an 'adult' so I'm feeling pretty awesome :P
    How's revision?? A 2 week easter hoilday isn't helping mine, so I've done close to zero so far :/ not good!
  4. Hi
    I get wat you mean. The offers unis make can be really varied. Technically two as long as I pass Welsh bacc, but I've seen quite a few prople with offers for two As .....
    Bike?? Like a motorbike or a regular bike??
    I'm thinking Durham is gonna be good for keeping fit, wat with all the hills and stuff. I've gotten way to lazy recently
    Mhm student finance confuses me but I'm nearly done now. I just have to fill in a form online
    I'm guessing it'll be the same system for you? ?
  5. cardiac hill?? lol, that'll be entertaining during winter.... hoping the philosophy department isn't on a hill too
    yeah, if I don't make my offer then no uni this year :/ But i didn't want to go to the other two particularly so that would be a good thing.
    But both offers are 3 As or 2 As and Welsh bacc. So as long as I have 2 As I'm good
    Well hopefully everyone gets their offers
  6. TheButcherBoii
    yea catered and en suite would be like 5500 and i think once u go for self catered u can still go and buy the lunch there for 3.50 which better than boots' meal deal haha
    But if u get AAB, neither will accept u lol....
    Yea i can imagine i got pooled to Cuths but its ok its more traditional and modern but Van mildert is nothing like castle...but the hill isnt an actual hill haha i would worry about that...what is worse, is that flippin hill u need to climb to get to psychology department, they call it cardiac hill, and seriously, its a joke its so steep
  7. Probably, because catered and ensuite will be super expensive
    I had the same offer from Bristol, 3 As. The only difference between them is that I have to get one of the As in either Biology or Chemistry with Bristol, but it doesn't matter which subjects I get As in for Durham.
    It is really different from Castle, was a little disappointed. I wanted one of the bailey colleges, not a hill one because icy hills in winter will be a nightmare, but yeah good points and bad points like you said
    Those are both really good unis but, yeah I'd prefer Durham too. Why don't you like them?
  8. Yeah, still loved Durham. Its just that i really liked Bristol when I visited, but Durham still won over it
    Yeah, hard decisions. I'm leaning towards en-suite to be honest....
    Hopefully I'm visiting next month, I'm sure I will love it, can't wait
    I insured Bristol, and I got my college letter yesterday actually. Not at castle like I thought, but not st cuthberts either unfortunately I got pooled to Van Mildert??? It seems nice enough
    What do you think your insurance will be?
  9. TheButcherBoii
    Btw, when we talked back in the day, it seemed like u absolutely loved Durham and I was indifferent, to be fair..once u get there u will love it is pretty amazing
  10. TheButcherBoii
    Yep st cuthberts! yea that, and then also shared or single??? Modern vs Old? en-suite or shared everything? decisions decisions hate stuff like this ) what is ur insurance gona be?u never know, maybe they pool you to st cuthberts

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