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  1. Hi mate, I've added you now as well
    I also made a MK7 community if you have the game and want to join it - code is 41-5795-7864-5714.
  2. ahh how do people become like that guy, its just mind boggling to think of what goes through his head
    eh...theres an ignore list? i should look into this, thanks for the heads up
  3. Indeed. Hugh Laurie's a brilliant actor.

    I was thinking exactly that! Someone's gonna click on your profile and be like, "OH ****ING DAMN IT." Alright, night man. Take it easy.
  4. I agree, yes. I like how they made it seem like House wasn't affected by it, and then eventually revealed that he hadn't slept properly since his suicide. And it's good to see the more human side of the team, too, since they're usually having to be rational.

    My favourite is when he was in a good mood so they instantly jumped to, "he's on heroin." They were, of course, mostly right, but y'know.

    I really liked all the stuff with detective Tritter.
  5. I agree. I didn't like that Kutner killed himself though: seemed like they just kind of threw that in there for no good reason. Although Kal Penn was leaving to work in the White House, so they kinda had to do something.

    I agree. I love it when House is acting nice. Mostly because it obfuscates everyone and they always think something has to be wrong.
  6. I've been on a Houseathon for the past two weeks. Worked my way from season 1 and I'm on 6x01 just now. One of my favourite episodes - just so brilliantly done. Especially the opening scene. 5x24's excellent too: filmed entirely on a Canon 5D mk II, and the camera shakes throughout the whole thing to show that House is going insane. The only scene where it doesn't shake is when he admits himself at the end.


    My wild card is by typing way too much and then making people read it all.

    Edit: I'd like to also say that this is my second time watching every episode of House and thanks for the friend request.
  7. After your reply to me, it did not surprise me at all that you were a member of the Atheist society and House society. An XKCD fan I see too.

    The Welsh thing threw me a little though.
  8. I can imagine! It does sound great. Good luck

    Exactly. His counter arguments are mostly irrelevant too - it's pretty much impossible to debate with him.

    I'm getting off now, I'll talk to you later. It's really not worth wasting your time with blueray to be honest. Have a good time at your Philosophy society tomorrow!
  9. No worries; it was a great point. I actually can't tell if blueray is trolling or not :dontknow:
    Thank you! That sounds interesting. What's the presentation for?
  10. Brainwashed liberal fool.

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