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  1. Good luck for tomorrow, I got an offer from Westminster this evening after having to write two paragraphs on why I would like to study Arabic and I got an offer about 15 minutes later for BCC so very happy with that!
    Oh wow that's incredibly amazing, I've wanted to go to Iran for years now it's what motivated me to pick Persian at Manchester and Edinburgh it's such a beautiful country and I love the poetry by hafez and ferdowsi and sa'di
    I wanted to do Hebrew as I've had a passion for the language since learning bits of it in RE as a child but after we'd been to Israel it just inspired me to show people that the middle east is such a different place to what they genuinely think the region is like. Since then I've just soaked up anything I can on the middle east I like learning about the politics of the region but I much prefer seeing the literature and the culture! >.<
  2. Sounds fab! Thats one of the questions they asked me 'Why do you want to study these courses' and I think I prattled on about 'wanting to change peoples views on the Middle East!' Have you gotten any more offers? and is your Mother Iranian then?
  3. So what made you pick Arabic and Persian?
  4. Yes I know I would but it depends on which one I firm as I'm thinking about firming Hebrew studies rather than the Middle Eastern languages.
    Good luck in your interview its this Wednesday isn't it? I would love to go to Iran I think I will see what is happening over there when I make my decision!
  5. I am predicted BBB and a B for the Extended project, at AS I got BCCC but was a few marks off ABBC which was a bit disappointing. Yeah if I go to Iran I would need two passports but the lady who interviewed me said that if its dangerous or anything looks like its going to happen then they wont send you over to the country. I'm doing English Language, History and Law and last year I done Government and Politics but my new college doesn't do Politics at A2.
  6. I've applied for Hebrew Studies as well as Hebrew and Persian! You spend the year abroad in Israel if you take Hebrew. I would just say something like 'Is there a possibility of a lower offer if the applicant doesn't feel like they will meet the higher end of the entry requirements?' and try not to worry too much I'm sure you will achieve it what subjects have you taken?
  7. No it lasted for twenty minutes as we started talking about Israel and then the actually course contents and she was telling me about her current students. Wow that's high have you applied for two Middle Eastern languages or was it a Middle Eastern language and a European Language? Maybe ask them about it at the interview! Good Luck! and no I haven't had any other offers have you?
  8. Hiya!
    Yes I had my interview yesterday, it was incredibly informal the only questions she asked me was 'Why do you want to study the subject?' 'What do you know about the language / the script' and 'Is there any reason why you wouldn't be able to have the year abroad?' I hadn't received an offer before the interview and I don't think anyone else had from the people I was talking to yesterday. But I heard from them today and they've given me a conditional offer according to UCAS Track and mine is BBC. What is your offer?

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