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  1. Will do, got Chemistry practicals this week which I am cramming for, stupid me. Hopefully I will get an average grade then use easter to really work hard for Summer!

    My name is Marwan :-)
  2. Brilliant! So happy for you ya Amr! Haha, yeah all goes to plan and inshallah ashoofak in 5 years! Make sure to enjoy the rest of your gap year and relax, you are there! xxx
  3. Rejected this morning! Oh well, best of luck to you! You'll hear good news Inshallah
  4. Lots heard today! You still waiting? :-)
  5. Yeah, it's good we didn't hear back Friday! :-P It's weird because from the previous years thread it seems usually they send out all of the rejections in one day then offers in a day or two, but that hasn't happened this year! Inshallah nsm3a akhbar kways bokra :-)
  6. Hey, la2 lesa! Can't handle it anymore, although not completely expecting an offer but I would love one so so much! They seem to really appreaciate achieved grades so hopefully that counts for you! Just got to hope my interview was amazing :-P Haha! They sent out interviews the past two days but seem to have sent out rejections today and the day before interviews so they are doing it daily! Ya rab bokra, but at least the latest will be next week :-)
  7. Hah, yeah well Leeds are taking forever but if I get an offer from St.Andrews I will cancel Leeds and firm St.Andrews I think!

    For GCSE I got 8A*, 3As and one distinction
    AS LEVEL I got AABB :-( In Chemistry I got AA in the exams then D in the practical due to missing the evaluation but to forgot to mention that at all in my reference, but I am resitting next week!
    Predicted A2: A*, A, A
    UKCAT - 590, 710, 770, 670 - Average=690

    I'm not sure how my interview went, think I should have been more chilled out but oh well. Assuming it went okay, how much do you think my AS grades will impact my chances of getting an offer?
    I was hoping they didn't look at AS grades much as their website states for English candidates a competitive applicant has 8 A grades at GCSE but not sure :-P
    Also at a fairly average state school, not sure if that makes any difference or not in applications to Medical School but I doubt it does to be honest.

    What are your grades/UKCAT like? :-)

    Ah shokran, inshallah nsm3a khabar kwayes bokra aw yom eletnen!

    Also, what did your sister say about life in St.Andrews?
  8. Marsa Matrouh is my FAVOURITE place in Egypt, Gedo used to live there so used to visit every time! Only been to Alexandria once though so don't know it much. Mama is from Al Mahala (near Mansoura) and Baba is from Cairo so we mainly go to Cairo with a 4 or so days in Al Mahala!

    Yeah, that's what I was worried about. I'm hoping PBL will suit me and I'd be good on it, but I'm kind of hoping for St.Andrews because I feel it would prepare me better to be a Doctor and I think Newcastle have an intensive course and the same admissions process as Manchester which is why I wish I'd applied there instead of Leeds! :-P

    Rabena yesahel lik enta kaman, a3traf orayeb lazem!

    I applied for the Scottish option as I love Edinburgh as a city and also Scottish people seem a lot nicer than English people :-P, but kind of hoping I'd put either now, not sure if it would have improved my chances or not. Nevermind now

    I live about 15 minutes outside Cambridge, where in Scotland do you live?

    Weird to think in two weeks we will both know where we may end up living for the next 5/6 years!
  9. Sweet, I've applied to Edinburgh, St.Andrews, Manchester and Leeds. Heard nothing from Leeds (wish I'd applied to Newcastle instead now), rejected from Edinburgh, interviewed at St.Andrews and have an offer at Manchester

    I'm about 80% sure if I was lucky enough to get an offer from St.Andrews I would choose it over Manchester, although I'd be pretty happy going to either. I think PBL would suit my learning style more (Manchester) as I'm very independent in my learning and don't get much from lessons and so I'm quite fond of Manchester, but I'm just a bit worried I will miss lots out as opposed to at St.Andrews where they seem to drill it into you with lectures, but as I said I'm not sure I'd get much from attending lecture. I guess as long as I work hard I should be fine on either sort of course!

    Best of luck to you! Edinburgh seems very hard to get into so I wouldn't worry about that! Do you think you'd firm St.Andrews if you got it?

    So where from Egypt are you from, and do you visit there often?
  10. Forsa Sa3eeda begad :-P olt arod a3lik hena a3lshan netkalem!

    Where else have you applied?
    St.Andrews is my first choice so I hope so much they give me an offer, and you too! I've always wanted a friend here who is actually Egyptian :-P x

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