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  1. U mad fatty? O u mad
  2. Check your PM inbox.
  3. Go report your dad to the police for not giving you enough attention you sad ugly man hateing bitch.
  4. oooo I am so scared you stupid man hateing whore.
    I bet your father showed you no love, so you go on the internet crying about rape and how women are poor victims.

    It is all about the woman and the victim mentality to get attention.
  5. Shut up you man hateing bitch.
  6. You are those men hateing bitches who have no balanced view of rape.
    You are biased against men.

    go burn your bra you man hater!
  7. Hey - I'm attempting to talk some sense into the 'dressing revealingly = sexual harassment' thread and I noticed your offer to provide some feminist reading. I was wondering if you did actually have any blogs/ books to recommend as my current view of feminism is rather skewed - I'd love to be a feminist but the modern-day connotations worry me. No worries if you are too busy X
  8. Okay this time is what specifically your post on how not to be creepy, also you say some good stuff about feminism and rape, hurrah
  9. All of them. It was actually more than one. It happens all the time :cry:
  10. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Historophilia again" That's what happens when I have not only repped too many of your posts, but apparently I have also previously given you a personal rep too recently as well

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    The University of Gap Yah
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    If you're at all interested, my avatar is a picture of Anna Komnene, daughter of a Byzantine Emperor and author of 'The Alexiad', a biography of her Father. One of the most important works of early History that we still possess and probably the earliest work we still have by a female historian.

    Why yes I am a tad obsessive about History.
    Academic Info
    I'm a Gap Year student who is almost certainly off to York to study straight History this autumn.

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