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  1. Hello,

    I have a question. Are the campus ambassador applications assessed on a rolling basis?
  2. Thank you very much for your reply.

    Would you reckon that the main difference between a vacation scheme and training contract application is the need to focus more on my motivation for working for Freshfields and in commercial law?

    Since the statement can contain whatever it is I want, I am more inclined to focus on how my relevant skills and experiences will help me as a commercial lawyer at Freshfields instead of simply listing/describing them.
  3. Hi there,

    I am in the process of applying to Freshfields for a Training Contract. Last year I applied for the summer vacation scheme and reached the interview stage but was not successful.

    Since I was successful in getting to interview, would grad recruitment penalise an application that was essentially copied from last year with slight changes/adjustments to reflect any new experiences or would you recommend re-writing a completely fresh and new statement?

  4. Hi there,

    There is no hard and fast rule. We have offered people more than 2 days after they were interviewed and we have turned down people before 2 days after they were interviewed.

    We try to get back to everyone ASAP (and hopefully within 2 days) but on occasion it does take more like a week.

    Kind Regards

  5. Thanks... i'll hang on for a bit. Do you contact successful applicants within 48 hours of interview and unsuccessful ones 48 hours to one week? That would seem to be the case on the various forums.
  6. Hi - On your website you say you try to get back to applicants post interview within 48 hours ---- does this include the weekend? thanks.
  7. Hi Jess,

    I applied for the Vacation Scheme about a month ago (submitted my online test on Christmas Eve) but haven't heard back from Graduate Recruitment yet about the outcome of my application. When can I expect to hear back since it says on the website it usually takes about two weeks?
  8. Hi Jess,

    How soon after the interview process do candidates hear back?
  9. Hi Jess,
    I was wondering how long it takes for HR to get back to applicants? I made an application at the beginning of this week.
  10. Hey Jessica,

    I was wondering if the vacation schemes for Freshfields are open? If they are open. I was wondering if you could provide me with the links to where I can go to begin the application process.

    Kind Regards,

    Eric Ratnayake

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