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  1. oh well done! Yeah I am, really nervous though! I've never really been away from home! What about you? Excited?
  2. Hi, I think you and I chatted about Barts? Are you still going there and do you have accommodation sorted?
  3. Hey I just read your (very old) post about your friend getting into leeds medical school after being interviewed post results day after having a pre-interview rejection.

    I am actually in the same position for Sheffield and was wondering what her competition was like for that interview? Thanks!
  4. That's alright ah I was just wondering whether we shared the same exam boards now let's just work hard and meet the conditional offer woo have you finished all your exams?
  5. I know what that feeling is like seriously I cried as I saw the word 'conditonal'!! My mum nearly cried also :L I've applied to three interview unis and Southampton and I have had interview invites from the three unis so yeah I think I will try my best on the kcl interview in march and if I get in, then that's great but if I don't Manchester is awesome too! Hehe btw which board are you with for chemistry?
  6. Thought it would be better if i messaged you directly haha Exciting stuff!! And yeah I have that will be my last intview so hopefully I can finish the whole interview process well with that one ah have you had an interview from notts then?! That feeling of having an offer is truly great right?
  7. hi do u know many medicine places there are and how many offers sgul give out I heard there are 300 offers but others say 200 medicine offers
  8. Hi how did they contact you for interview from St Georges?
  9. Long time no see, how were your exams?
  10. Hi , How did you EMPA go ? I would be very grateful if you could offer any revision tips , I have read around and seen people talking about handwarmers ? Thanks

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