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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply - haven't been on TSR in an age. Cripps was really nice. It's sort of in a square layout with a grass area in the centre. All the rooms were really nice and the there's a bar/restaurant nearby too. Congrats on the offer x
  2. Sorry! Only just got your message (I don't come on here often)
    I doubt you're still interested but my predicted grades are:
    A* Maths/Further Maths
    A Physics/Chemistry
  3. The reason you only have 14 meals is because you don't have necessarily have lunch in halls. Breakfast and dinner is always in halls, but for lunch, you get a card that has £5.10 on it (not sure if that amount might change next year) and you can go to any of the cafes or the food court on campus to spend the money. You don't get that money to spend at the weekend though, because halls serve brunch and dinner at the weekends. Brunch is from 11:30-1:00 so you don't really need lunch as well.

    But yeah, there are little kitchens in each block that have a microwave, kettle, toaster and sink so you can do some basic cooking there if you want to.
  4. Yep, all the rooms have a sink and a mirror. And yeah, Cripps is great because they're all double beds. Well they're technically called "three quarters", because it's not quite a double bed, but you don't notice the difference.
  5. gwenllian94
    Ooooh right i see! Thanks those links were helpful I heard that in the single study rooms, they have double beds and a sink?
  6. Hi

    As far as I know, there aren't any pictures available. I remember people asking for them last year and they were told there aren't any because they don't want people to compare rooms. I can tell you that the rooms are the biggest ones out of any hall on campus. There's some more info here: and here:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  7. helloo, sorry for the late reply, I only just noticed I had a message :L. Errm my predicted grades are A*A*A*C for further maths, physics, economics and general studies respectively, and I got an A* in maths last year . I've applied to Oxford (got rejected post interview), imperial (still haven't heard from them), Warwick (offer), bath (offer), and Bristol (offer). Have you also applied for maths?
  8. gwenllian94
    Thanks its helped a lot I just hope i'll hear from them soon!!
  9. No problem. I applied to Sheffield, Lancaster, Southampton, Warwick and of course Bristol. My predicted grades are A*AA in Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry. Hope it helps.
  10. I've done my A-Levels - I'm on a gap year haha. I've got A*A*BB in Maths, Economics, Further Maths and Physics respectively. Resitting Further Maths (well, resat) and predicted A* for that. So I suppose you could say I'm predicted A*A*A*B (with A*A*BB as actual grades).

    Urm, I applied to Nottingham, Warwick twice (for Maths and MORSE), and Oxford (which i got rejected for).

    Best of luck with your application! Bristol do seem to give out their maths offer on random dates - I know several who received some in early December!

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