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  1. Hiiiiii how were exams?
  2. Hi, I'm really sorry but I am unable to open the private message you sent me. I don't suppose you'd be able to send it again possibly? I am afraid I am relatively new to the student room and being a slight technophobe, it is rather difficult for me to use this site! x
  3. Wow, that Physics paper is worth quite a bit, but you know what i hate more then exams?...
    .....ISA's and Practical skills Assessments (like we will have in Bio & Chem) will u have it in Physics?

    At GCSE we all just cheated, teacher gave us all the answers anyway :P but now, there'll be no more of that and i'll just fail.

    Keep revising..i'll talk 2 u after exams i'm in..."Revision Mode" you said - Nonstop..Insha'Allah!

  4. The weather is absolutely horrid, its been windy all night and the rain hasnt stopped.

    ThankGod i'm not at school, all my lessons are in a different building, i'd have to walk in the rain to my next lesson (its not nice at all)

    Hows revision going? I'm having trouble sleeping, i had the same problem a few weeks be4 my GCSE's too, i just start panicking at night when i think about how little time i have left and how close the exams are...if we want to do Medicine, we can't afford to F*** up! (and i dont even swear and i just said that!) :afraid:
  5. ieatcheeseyo
    Just finished
    Luckyyy -___-

    So gloomy and cold :L
  6. Nope, haha
    I'm going Back next week
    HA HA!
  7. Ellow..

    Did you have school 2day?
  8. aaaww my lil baby bro needs help
    I dont really like Mass Spectrometry, thankfully it hasnt really come up in the past papers i've been doing, so Insha'Allah it doesnt come up this time too! But here - Just incase the evil examiners do decide to put it in, its just detailed info but make sure u read ur notes and the chemical ideas section on it.

    As for shapes of molecules, well tbh they are fairly simple - do not quote me on this but most of the time its same old 'Tetrahedral - 109 degrees' but learn them all though! Also if its a four mark question, my teacher told us to use the following outline to ensure full marks -

    - There are _____ pairs of electrons around the central atom of
    - They repel to get as far apart as possible
    - This creates an angle of _____
    - Making a _________ Shape.

    Got it?
  9. Same here + CGP Salters revision guide & my folder full of my notes
  10. Kwl, where exactly do u revise from?

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