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  1. Alhamdulillah. I heard Suqor Izz joined Jabhat and unity is a much needed thing at the moment.

    I really do hope with the declaration of an Emirate (with Shura) that they can go back to fighting Assad again.

    Akhi, I heard something about IS attacking a Syrian base (I can't remember if it's a base or some other place) and killing / capturing up to 350 from Bashar's army.


    Allahu a'lam how legit the article is but if it's true, good news
  2. Claims of 150 SRF killed. Nusra aren't playing at all. With the Emirate thing, is it true or they're seeking Shura for it?

    Yeah, he's a wanted man by many...
  3. Jabhat Al Nusra went on a mad one.
  4. I had read earlier last night and to be honest in some ways I'm actually not surprised they treated them well. They're just nurses. This was good news, can say in glad to isis for this one thing.

    However they still hold 30+ construction workers. I hope they free them too.
  5. i wasn't doing dawah, just answered her question. I'm not into giving people dawah, the spirit bloweth where it listeth and I've had enough experience of non-musiims converting for their 5 mins of fame so that when they apostasise, they can let everyone know that they too were once Muslim, and are oh so knowledgeable about Islam. obviously thats not always the case etc.

    But I agree, thats not the way to give dawah, and even if i wasn't giving dawah there was no need for me to mention wahabbis.
  6. Shia on Shia crime (lol).

    Wa Lillahil hamd.
  7. The weight on Shaykh Ayman right now is enormous.

    May Allah guide the Muslims to what pleases him.
  8. Subhan'Allah!

    It's been announced. Allahu Akbar!
  9. Allahu musta'an.

    Akhi, can you direct me to what was mentioned of Abu sa'd and Abu Khalid?

    Situation in Deir Ezzor is a disaster from every way it's looked at. Muslims killing Muslims and what's worse is the takfeer done as a solution is impossible when you're dealing with 'murtadeen' or 'khawariij'.

    Allah knows best who's sincere from among his slaves.

    Btw akhi, are you aware of whether Ramadan is tomorrow or the day after?
  10. Barak'Allah feek. I acted in haste yesterday but it seems as though some JN members gave bay'ah.

    Also, there's some reports of Ansar Islam members joining ISIS. Allahu a'lam.

    If ISIS deal with some members regarding policy of takfeer and the haste in which it's made then Insha'Allah it will open up the hearts of other groups to unite.

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