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  1. hey i've got an interview for arkwright next tuesday and was wondering what sort of project you brang with you as i am abit stuck on the matter :P
  2. did u saw my pm?
  3. Ah okay. What did you do in Years 10 and 11? I'm hoping to do maths at uni... I have about 80% lessons, 20% free. Unfortunately one week I have no free periods and the other week I have all my free periods crammed into a few days.
  4. Yeah I hate the physics papers too, do you do Edexcel?

    I'm doing an Extended Project, and Maths + FM + AFM + Physics + Chemistry all to A2... so in Year 13 will only be doing some physics and chem! More free periods for sexy times, haha. I'm kidding... will probably mean I will get a job or something.

    Congrats on your offer! Wow, that's a lot of subjects... I thought 5 was a lot! I would be an absolute failure at Product Design and Business... how are you finding the workload?
  5. Did C1-4, S1, M1 in Year 11 and this January just did S2 and FP1, so in June am doing S3, S4, M2-5, FP2-3, D1-2 and an AEA paper.

    S4 isn't too bad, but they can be very devious in the past papers. There's a lot of proof and trickery, somewhat similar to the stats questions in STEP papers, but it's going very well, thanks! I used to hate stats too but S3 and S4 introduce some neat concepts that make you fully understand what's going on. The only pain is that in S4 it's sort of like a 'summary' module, so they can test you on anything... there was a question on p.m.c.c. in one of the past papers, I was just thinking WTF? Haha.

    What's your offer, and what other subjects do you do?

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