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  1. Hey congrats im a hopeful medic too and having a crisis with my a level options wt did you do??
  2. Aha yeah I just picked Brasenose because it accepted the most medics! It is amazing- so excited! I'll keep a look out for her. Would you mind doing me a favour? Tell her to join this group:
    Just trying to get everyone to join it. Anyway, sorry again about Oxford; I'm sure you'll love UCL. And those are in actual fact my plans by the way! I want to do the 3 years at Oxford then go to UCL for my clinical years. Keep a look out for me! xx
  3. Ahh I'm sorry to hear that! You've still got an offer at UCL which is pretty damn amazing I got an offer at Brasenose College- still can't believe it! x
  4. Good news from Oxford?
  5. Hmm well I'm not sure about yours but certainly MY interviews were not the best - however, I think it was definitely an experience to learn from! Made me realise how I have many gaps in my knowledge...oh well :P free food and accomodation anyway

    I kind of found the whole UCL interview experience a lot more fun than the Oxford one - but if Oxford offered me (v unlikely) I probably would feel obliged to accept.

    But at least we have Christmas now - and no more interviews for the forseeable future!
  6. cool stuff :P

    same - going up to oxford today havent done ANY prep but am feeling strangely relaxed.

    i guess i applied to oxford for the hell of it - ucl is still probably my first choice! which colleges are your interviews at? magdalen and queen's for me :P
  7. oh - and do you have facebook?
  8. awesome stuff - i got an offer too!


    saw metronomy for the first time at wireless this year - incredible guys, seeing them again at the NME awards tour in february
  9. Indeed :P

    you heard from UCL yet? the suspense is driving me slowly on track ALL the time ><

    what other bands do you like?
  10. Joe H
    I know! I really love it; might even be a tough decision between UCL and Oxford!
    It just seems so relaxed and cool; like a more exciting, inner city oxbridge.
    I'd rather go to UCL than kings, but thats no reflection of kings, i'm chuffed to be going anywhere!

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