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  1. No probs mate, we're on the same boat so I'm trying to be as helpful as possible You said about visitting "local government housing department and a well-known private firm", so did you pick up anything? like, tips and stuffs, cause that will come in handy if you have to go for an interview. And I would recommend you to take 1 week doing work experience cause that can really give you the real feel for the job

    About the sketching, it's worth asking someone who's good at that, or go to youtube and look at clips of people sketching and notice things like this: How do they start drawing? like, if they were to sketch a house, do they start with a cube then add details on the surfaces, or do they start from the left and work their way to the right etc Usually people draw the general shape first then add details to it. So a tree can be broken down to an oval on top of a rectangle sort of thing. Then see if they draw everything before adding tonal work or not. Practise with drawing straight lines, parallel lines, curves, wiggly lines and spirals. And especially learn about perspective if you haven't known it yet.
    I heard that Sheffield accept general study so double check with them about the foundation couse thing. Have they requested your portfolio yet? I sent my off and had an offer, so if you struggle give me a shout, I'm try to help as much as I can
  2. Hey nice to know you Yeah Liverpool could be my first choice if they give me an offer *pray*

    As for you question, yes I did include, but only 1 of the 4 architecture projects I did in my Work Placements, but that has nothing to do with school work or the fact that I do Art. I just phoned up the offices and they arrange the weeks for me. In there I did all the floor plans and elevations and CAD and site visits and all that lot. However, in Art we do architecture and architect related research/case study then use them as inspiration for new art works. In DT, I asked to redesign my school's sport centre (not for real), inspired by Norman Foster and have to make a physical model for that. In EPQ, I do research about eco friendly architecture.

    So the fact that you don't do Art related course really doesnt matter. You can still do things in DT, EPQ and work experience like I did. Or just go out and do loads of sketches, I heard that's the important skill. Unis generally don't expect you to know all the technical aspects and to be frank I dont think any of the things we design can mildly impress them anyway. So that's why I just send off 1, just to show them I can cope with things like that.

    Thanks for your support, I was very chuffed with my Sheffield offer btw can I ask about your choices and how you grade them?
  3. I'm not sure... they didnt mention that they dont accept school leavers
  4. wawa then it really restricts u to limited subjects... u must saved a lot of time when choosing subjects for JUPAS

    yeahyeah i am thinking of joining the HKU medic program. because i've joined some other programs before and i'm not planning to repeat the program. and perhaps me and my classmates may go on vacation sometime u leh? thinking of joining programs?
  5. wawa good at maths but not so good in science. perhaps do a bit of enrichment mathematics or business statistics?
    many med ppl are just talented. they are not as boring as ppl think... THEY'RE AWESOME!!!
  6. Hi there, I saw you posted in the creative corner forum and I thought you might find this website interesting. It's for people who do creative things whether its for fun , a hobby or a career. Would be great if you had a look!
  7. seems that u still have second choices other than archi... usually ppl choose surveying or graphics or civil engineering so u're like them?
    haha it's just some time that has to exist in one's life. no leisure = no life, so there must be some time for leisure
  8. yaya because i was somehow influenced by a friend, who is much older than me. like then i was determined to pursue into medical field as a doc
    i have a classmate also applying for UK archi and HK archi, bath, manchester, and i forgot.
    yeah the interviews should go fine
    well... i was working 24/7 last year and the first half year but now i got a bit of spare time. like every human has to have some leisure time!
  9. high five! +oil in DSE
    ya i applied for medicine in UK as well as in HK. cambridge (rejected after interview ) KCL QMUL leicester for medicine and edinburgh. u leh? which unis?
    btw it is quite rare to see JUPAS ppl on TSR
  10. great! i'm studying DSE too in wah yan college, hong kong what school are u in?
    haha keep in faith ma! JUPAS Band A1 hku archi?

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