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  1. Its okay

    hello...but i think we're past this stage now ;D

    Not much too tbh weather hasnt been too nice today :sad:
  2. Hey, i think you must've ignored me in the kurdish soc unintentionally :lol: so i thought id say 'ello

  3. Hey
  4. come on chat my lovely xxxxxxxx
  5. Law? Ha what makes you say that? But no, I don't.

    MP...would be a nice idea in a fantasy world where party politics isn't essentially prostitution in a suit. Politics is just yuck.

    I'm sure you will, stay positive!
  6. That's exactly what the article was getting at. All these crimes committed by the Iranian regime, Turkish govt, etc are whitewashed and people here in the UK, USA etc don't care enough to do their research and realise just what the hell has been going on.

    "When" these regimes and governments are going to finally be seen for what they truly are is anybody's guess. Gaddafi's regime was killing people for nearly four decades before Westerners realised just what kind of person he was, then overnight suddenly everyone became a fan of the cause of Libyan freedom....whilst for nearly 40 years people had been telling Western governments just what kind of man he was.

    As for why we don't do anything about it...or rather why our governments don't do anything about it...Turkey is an important trading partner and is seen as a moderating influence in the Middle East. In short, the Kurdish cause is sacrificed so that we can keep Turkey sweet for trading.

    Stick to medicine mate, human rights and activism is just a tragedy.
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