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  1. I have forever wondered what life as an only child would entail.

    Did you feel loved and secure?

  2. Hi, I just found it on google. Just type in icons of whatever you want and you can find loads
  3. Hey, sorry I haven't been able to say much - getting acclimatised to university has restricted my ability to send messages. I wanted to thank you for all your advice on getting used to university and preparing for it, it has definitely helped a ton. I was hoping to be able to do more work with Barnado's, as I've been meaning to get back into doing charity work, but the weekly meeting interferes with other scheduled things. However if you could let the society know that I would be very willing to help with any events, sales and other fund raisings outside of the meetings, I'd be grateful. Hope you're having a good start to your second year, Gareth.
  4. It's technically an anime con, but it goes into Asian culture as a whole, video games (old and new) and online culture relating to those - the good parts of it anyway.

    It's pretty friendly as a whole - I have a great story about being lost in the town centre on my first night there and being guided back to the main campus - its on a uni - by the most stereotypical South London urbanite guy dressed as a panda. It was... surreal.

    It's a good con though. I'm already planning how to get to next year's con.
  5. I see. I guess I'm lucky that I'm only an hour or so by road from Lancaster, so if I did need to go back home fast I could. vouchers and/or parties? ...I'm looking forward to the 29th even more.

    On the friendliness factor, I've not been south for long enough to really determine that for myself. The worst I think I've seen was a few *ahems* being arses to some cosplayers at a con I was at last year.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say this until now! From tomorrow until sometime Monday afternoon I'm not going to be online, as I'll be down in Leceister for a con. Considering I didn't mention when I was offline last time, I thought I should let you know why I'll be quiet!
  6. I suppose so, if I'm juggling three Year One courses. Makes sense to me.

    So what are you looking forward to about returning to Lancaster?
  7. Is it alright? Not too much at once, I hope.
  8. Thanks! (Sorry this message is so late - I was out of the country since the day after results.)

    I'm looking forward to Fresher's Week now. I'll make sure to check out the Barnardos stall at Fresher's Fair!
  9. The results came in: I will be attending Lancaster come October!
  10. I'll be getting my final results tomorrow morning. If all goes to plan, I'll be able to confirm I'll be enrolling at Lancaster by the afternoon.

    Thanks for asking!

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