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  1. Hey do you mind clearing some space in your inbox please? Got a question to ask ya! :P
  2. Heya, yep, pretty much the same as you, can't wait for it to all be over either :p: No news so far and no apologies necessary either, I thought maybe you just hadn't seen the requests!

    Have you thought any more about medicine, where you're gonna apply etc?
  3. Noushin! How are things?

    I just noticed the membership requests for the soc are piling up, it's pretty busy now so it would be good if you approved them :bigsmile:

    Hope final year's going well!
  4. Hello petzneo,
    Sorry to disturb you but I was wondering if you can help me. Would you be able to name 3 or 5 of the most common prescription only medicines that pharmacists use so that I can research them and include them on my personal statement somehow.
  5. Hey, hows it going? How weird, I've never seen this forum before till today, what you been up to? yeah summer has been good. Just been preparing for hospital interviews lately. otherwise Ive been doing that boots placement. If you sign up to I can make you moderator for the forum there too btw
  6. Hi there

    I need advice on how to get to Kingston University, if you had any idea on the matter. Or if you could point me to the direction of where to ask on the forum.

    I've got my enrolment at Kingston university tomorrow, and need to know the route to get their by tube/rail via the central line in London.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi I wanted to ask you a question but you don't have enough room in your inbox to read it, should I just post it here or can you clear some space? Just that's it's a tad private. Thanks.
  8. I forgot to say, thanks for adding me back on here. I'm sure I'll be pestering you (in a nice way!) for help with the Brighton MPharm at some point
  9. Kyalimers
    Thanks a lot! Been a while since then I'm in 3rd year now.
  10. hey!
    since your sister has done persian a-level can you do me a favor and ask her a question? i want to know approx how much of an A4 page should I aim to write for the 10 mark question and the 20 mark question in the writing task. if you could find out, it would be great. Thanks in advance

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