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  1. And? I don't write stupid one liners to get rep.
  2. I love your swan and piegeon gif.
  3. Your sig is sick. Burn in righteous fire.
  4. Hi,

    Apologies if this is a bit random but I came across your old headphone thread and noticed that own both the Klipsch S4s and the Sennheiser CX870s. You have seem to be quite the connoisseur as these are the two in-ears I've also shortlisted for my next upgrade. ATM I'm pretty torn between the two so any info you could offer on which you prefer would be most appreciated.


  5. You can get away with both, but it's a more formal watch definitely.

    That's one of the reasons I bought another watch. It didn't look right with alot of the casual clothes I wore, kinda made it seem tacky.
    Have you tried it on in a store? I suggest you do, because it looks alot nicer in pictures as opposed to wrist.
    That said it's definitely not a bad purchase.
  6. Hi ,

    As a junior editor of the Hakin9 magazine, let me present you free teaser of backtrack . Register for free and download the free teaser.

    In the meantime, I'd like to offer you an opportunity to contribute to the Hakin9. I'm looking for authors willing to write an article/tutorial on Wireshark.
    For more details, contact me at ewa.duranc(at)

  7. Congrats on leeds.
    And yeah i'm very excited about Coventry. It seems a lovely place
  8. Noo Sadly.
    I ended up not doing as well as i'd planned in my exams so would no way get into my firm/insurance. I ended up going through clearing and got an offer from Coventry this afternoon which i've accepted. Did you?
  9. i hope you get what you want too!

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