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  1. Thanks a lot! I'm really trying to do my best to make a difference. Glad that I've motivated you! Sometimes I need some more of that motivation myself though lol
  2. Well, George is awesome
  3. Yes I've been out in Asia for the last few months, looking forward to getting started in September!
  4. Hi there! That's cool, sorry I just saw this, been using the student room for researching history past-papers etc as of late and not all that much else haha.. I have indeed firmed it, top choice (: Erm, Sheffield as back-up (however this was sort-of pointless, cause Sheffield want higher grades) - also got offers from Southampton and Hull, rejected from Bristol. What about you?

    I'm looking forward to it, never done politics before but I really enjoyed Philosophy a-level (:
  5. I haven't got a confirmation yet, although im currently travelling so not sure if they send it through the post?! Where abouts are you from?
  6. Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile and leaving such a nice message I'm so glad people continue to read that post and find something helpful in it. Wishing you all the best when you start university
  7. hehe I know but I don't think I'll get an offer. Edinbra <3 yeah sure basically the buses are good and 9/10 it's possible to work anywhere. the bus routes in the city are second to none and it's pretty cheap. about 1.20 for a adult single ticket. but you can get student discounts on that to bring it down etc.
  8. haha i love Durham I dunno if I'd actually prefer to go to Oxford :/ I live in Edinburgh so I'm very familiar.
  9. hahah same :L Same. I could have easily got an A* in English lit if i'd bothered to read the book the night before and Class Civ would have been an A* if i bothered with my Coursework...
    I'm applying to University College. WBu?
  10. ahah that'd be awesome! im awful at french. i got an A at GCSE and now im ****t

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