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  1. Mod banned me :nothing: from this lovely land of TSR. Banned because of 'spam' apprently :ninja:

    im obviously back now though :ahee:
  2. its not an illusion
    My banspu is coming after you

  3. Thanks Nah, im not back, im still banned, your eyes are deceiving you

    Have you? :O you didnt panic did you? :eek:
  4. Nooo loool. I said it would be easier!!
    not something different, silly!
  5. Of course not... I was a bit cranky myself, as well as trying to be funny.
    (Sorry for the really late response...I saw this message when it was posted but I was unable to actually find it 'cause I thought it was a PM..
  6. no i don't
    jut joking, they're awesome! <3

    Yano instead of clicking on "bl" smiley list, just put a ':' (colon) on either side of the word "bl" so like this:
    :bl :
    ^without the space though!

    You can thank me later :gthumb:
  7. What the...:lolwut:...i...dont..even...:lolwut:

    So its kind of a horse type thingy with a banana on top then

    do you like my horse-type thingy :bl:
    Seems like a coincidence but mine looks the same as yours :sexface:

  8. Lool What a (?) you have there :sexface:
  9. I have indeed, thanks to you
  10. Its..december..? :erm: you could've told me! :rolleyes:
    Nevar :awesome:

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