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  1. Hey, I read your comment on the a1 english 7 page, and id just like to ask about how you structured your paper 2 essay..? thanks!
  2. I'm currently reading The Whisperers by Orlando Figes, but I'm not sure whether that would be considered academic enough. Thank you for the advice.
  3. Hello,
    Just came across your profile and noticed you're currently studying history at Cambridge. I'm from Scotland and am thinking about perhaps applying there for History and Russian for 2014 entry (if I get the grades). Would you have any advice on how to apply, etc? Sorry, this message probably sounds a tad stalkerish, but I just wanted to ask someone about it.
  4. Why did you neg me for this?
    Watch out because the next time you do this, i'll be waiting
  5. Wow dude thank you very much, i will take that into account and put up objectives & things to focus on, I usually go to lectures at oxford university on physics so i hope that helps!
  6. Hehe fort minor lyrics ftw, big fan of mike shinoda here, yeah i know that, so is that all the tips you have? any key things i can do? extra curricular? what uni you going to now?
  7. Really? That's awesome, how much did you clutch it? I'm thinking doing Physics in University, so preferably Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and so on!
  8. Hey! I noticed that you said you achieved a 45 in the IBQ, i am going into six form next year and i am aware that it will be a hard ride, but i do need to ask you, what separated you from everyone else? What did you do that got you that extra step further? what are the best tips you can give me? I hope you can teach me your awesome ways.
  9. Banishingboredom
    No problem.
  10. O.k, great, sounds like some good advice. I was wondering, when I've come closer to completing a draft, would you mind taking a look at it?

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