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  1. Indeed will see you then, look out for Laura Martin if you don't know her, she a legend
  2. liverpool john moores
  3. Its fine was a long shot anyway was surprised to get an offer at all lol and congrats
  4. thanks and you too, I'm sure you'll do class, hopefully will be joining you as a fresher at Queens Pharmacy school in 2013 haha
  5. Nopeee didn't get in, hopefully next year but who knows, you?
  6. so sorry i havent been on in a very long time and i didn't got into ljmu tho how did you do
  7. Hi sorry replying so late I never remember to check VMs!
    Erm for this question I think first take the formula of the hydrocardon as CxHy and use the volumes as ratios. The 30cm3 reduction on exposure due to alkali is because of the CO2 and the 30cm3 from cooling is from H2O. So the equation of the reaction is CxHy + excess O2 gives 2CO2 and 2H2O. Hence the formula is C2H4 to balance? I'm not entirely sure, chemistry's all gone out of my head :pinch:
  8. I have absolutely no idea, sorry =/
  9. Not sure!
  10. I do but it depends what exam board you're on... If you're on AQA they will be useful, if not they won't be.

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