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  1. Hey I saw that you are willing to give your emedica account away! Do you still have it because if so I could really use any extra resources as my test is next week. No worries if not
  2. Just in case it wasn't clear from my last post, it's quite alright, don't sweat it :') :yy:
  3. I hate you, I'm going to hold a grudge against you forever, I'm finding out where you live as we speak

    (didn't want to clog up the maths thread xD)
  4. hey i saw your post saying you had a detailed analysis of the moon on the tides anthology. Would you be able to send me the character and voice section because it'd be of great help. thankyou
  5. Hey I am soo sorry but I read on one of the posts that you had a relationships poem analysis for the english lit gcse. Would it please be at all possible for you to email it to me. I am resitting after getting an A and I really really need a A*. Thank you sooo much
  6. hi i was wondering if you had any of the relationships poem analysis' from gcse english lit and if it would be possible for you to email them to me, im doing resits so i need all the help i can get
  7. Hey I read one of you comment and I was wondering if you've done the biology isa on the different sucrose concentrations. I have my written paper next week and i'm really scared about that, so any help/advice on what to revise would be really helpful! thanks

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