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  1. what is KF, as you mentioned in my post?
  2. Hi There,

    I've just recently seen your post about doing AS Economics.

    I'm in the same position as you with only 2 months to go, apart from I'm doing all of A2 & AS!

    How's it going for you?
  3. I used to be obsessed with France, well Paris really, but after i went there twice last year i got bored of it :laugh:
    Korean sounds so much nicer than chinese :/ When i watch Kdramas i wish i could talk like them :sadnod:
    I'm doing pretty bad in English Language atm so i have no idea wth i'm going to do for uni because unless i get better i doubt i will get an offer
    I am determined to go to uni though and i don't care what course i do as long as i get to Hong Kong I looked at the Korean course for Sheffield today, you would get to do a year in Seoul. So jealous!
    Kpop is getting so popular now, there have been flash mobs all over the world. There was even one in London, but it wasn't a very well organised one to say the least :teehee: I hope BigBang will do a tour in the U.K. I can dream :laugh:
  4. I don't either, it would be nice to get at least one though I'll just have to work like crazy. And if i don't get in to Sheffield i'll be going to Cardiff or QUB ㅜ_ㅠ
    Yep, the cheapest plane ticket for Hong Kong i've seen is £600 then there would be the hotel/hostel cost as well -_-
    It would stop me having to find subbed videos though XD
    I think it may be :teehee: and a few fanboys.
  5. Woop, that is if i get the grades >.<+ i need AAB for the course
    I want to go in the Summer hols after 6th form but i doubt i'd be able to afford the plane ticket
    I did want to teach in Korea instead but it seems easier to get the job in Hong Kong. I think that when i'm older or have enough money i might do Korean at Sheffield just as a language, maybe then i'd understand Kpop songs more :laugh:
  6. Im in year 12, doing my AS levels
    I saw her doing that dance on the 2NE1 episodes ^_^ She's so cutee
    I've never been outside Europe either, i've only ever been to France. I want to travel around East Asia too, i'm already learning a bit of Cantonese to get me ready for Hong Kong. Thinking of Hong Kong is what motivates me when i'm revising! Aiya i wish i could go now >.<
  7. OMG just read your Bio and i want to go to Sheffield to do Eng Lang then go out to Hong Kong to teach English! I bet i sound like a creep now but i really do ^_^

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