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  1. I'm like 68% sure it'll be on the 19th? Haven't actually really thought about the moving out thing yet - I better get learning on how to cook and get my Independent on soon D:
    Have you received the big caerdydd envelope with all the optometry tid-bits btw? It's quite the read!
  2. oohahh - I get it! All very clear now!
    What day are yoo moving in? I added you btw
  3. Are you staying in flat 2k taly court???! im room 13! im doing dentistry at cardiff this year xxxxx
  4. Hey,
    i'm so bad at TSR its unreal.
    I added you on facebook (i'm jodie wearne)
    I'm in Taly South house 7 but we're all close so we can all walk together :P
  5. Hey Hannah found your little 'im coming on a plane' comment he he hope your interview went well yesterday the tutor we had was fab really conversational and made you feel relaxed..
    Hope they get back to us soon..

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