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  1. Ah that's a good idea, I've only done Godalming and Woking myself

    Thanks for all the advice, and yes, most likely I'll ask you in the future about personal statements etc.!
  2. Ah those are the exact schools I'm looking to apply for! London is where the opportunities are I guess :rolleyes:

    Yeah I thought that too - I could easily do a GDL after a music degree but it'll be a lot more difficult the other way around. I agree with what you said about a law degree not guaranteeing you a job straight afterwards, law's really a more vocational area (reflected in USA's way of legal education!) so yeah it really does depend on the person.

    Just googled the thing about law firms paying for GDL/vocational course degrees and found an interesting link: ......certainly makes it seem a little less daunting!

    I'm thinking of Liszt's Un Sospiro, the last movt. of Prokofiev's 2nd sonata and another piece lasting about 10mins, probably classical/late baroque. The Liszt and Prokofiev are pretty much under the fingers already so I'd have time to dedicate myself to a larger scale work - thinking about 1st movt. of the Waldstein sonata (would require a LOT of stamina though )

    PS do you currently go to a junior department? - I don't myself :L
  3. Wow! thank you so much for replying with such detail! If you haven't received results from your auditions yet, I hope you're successful! (where did you apply?)

    I'm also thinking, if I choose to go to conservatoire, to do a GDL afterwards but then perhaps go straight into working as a lawyer (after extra vocational studies etc.) - thing is like my parents are criticising me because they keep saying stuff like 'What's the point of conservatoire if you're just going to become a lawyer' but I just said to them that's the same for any degree (physics, history etc.) - I just like music performance as a subject more!

    Another issue that my careers adviser raised was cost (oh dear...!), especially if I go to London to study. Hopefully without sounding too rude/nosy, was this ever an issue you thought about, given the extra year at conservatoire and another at a college of law for the GDL? Don't worry if you don't want to answer the question if I'm being too intrusive!

    Thanks again
  4. Hi there I noticed that you've applied to conservatoire and UCAS too. I haven't found many people on here that have applied to/graduated from places like RCM, RAM etc. so I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?

    What's your principal study and what did you play at your audition?

    Did you always want to go to conservatoire?

    How long did you prepare you audition pieces for?

    What do you hope to do after conservatoire?

    Sorry if the questions sound a bit interview-esque but tbh I'm just curious because I'm thinking of applying to RCM, RAM and Guildhall for entry in 2015 (principal study in piano). My personal problem is that I have another option which is to study law at university (somewhere like UCL/KCL/Nottingham) which would certainly be the more "sensible" option, but I would love for nothing else that spend 4 more years of my life of playing/performing/perfecting my ability

    Thanks for any info you can give!

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