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  1. Saw you say in another thread you'd been training (poorly) for about a year? What are your weights out of interest on the compound lifts? Also height/weight?
  2. Hi Converse.

    As I can only go to the gym on Mondays and Thursdays and I'm following the AB split you recommended..

    What can I do for Saturdays? At home I have the ability to do:

    -Bench Press
    -Chest Press
    -Any dumbell excersises
    -Seated leg curl (working on thighs)
    -Leg curl but when you're laying on your stomach (working on calves)

    So was just wondering if you could help me
  3. I don't know how I come to this page but suddenly I realised what you guys talked about are really useful.I'm a skinny guy with weight of 50kg..I once tried to eat more like I ate bacon,bread,fresh juice,peanuts for breakfast but I didn't keep it regular.You know,being skinny is a main reason that I don't have confidence to take part in some sports(Like goalkeeping which I'm really into).I also used protein powder(Amway) for a month but it didn't work at I'm going to uni this year and I really want to cook myself.Now I'm planning to pick up my weight-gaining plan.Anyway,hope you could bulk up as you wish!!!
  4. Ciao dude, go stuff that protein in
  5. No worries! Take it with a pinch of salt though, I'm hardly the most informed source to get your weights advice from

    I guess so.. I've never really looked into them, I guess they target your triceps and maybe lats? My standard tricep exercise is to hold one dumbell in both hands, hanging down behind my head. Then lift it up vertically, then down until the dumbell touches my back, and then repeat again. Though it's quite hard to keep your elbows angled the same, so that you don't favour one arm over the other
  6. I'm not sure really, without seeing your body shape, you sound like an underfed endomorph (based on your quick weight gain in 3 days), though possibly an ectomorph.. My dad rowed and I'm practically identical to him, but even I'm too short for the heavyweight rowers (ideally 190cm or thereabouts). However the lightweight rowers are about 180cm and weigh less than 72.5kg, so if I shifted muscle around and improved cardio and technique VASTLY then I could supposedly compete :lol:

    If you're 5'10 at 17, chances are you'll end up at least 6 foot, if not taller, depending on whether you've had a growth spurt yet or not, but yeah, you could easily row casually, only really tiny people wouldn't be able to physically compete, and they can become coxes
  7. Nope, just google "bulk up high weight low rep"

    Ok cool! Let me know how it goes, when i go to the gym I just do full-body workouts and try to tire out as many muscles as possible. Maybe I just don't have the drive to push a certain muscle group to exhaustion, and then some! So I just do something until I can't do another rep, then move on, and maybe come back before the end if I really want to focus on that body part!

    When I started swimming at uni again it was so shocking :sadnod: - I used to be a pretty good swimmer and played a brass instrument when I was a child, so my lung efficiency was really good.. But I'd relapsed horrifically so I was sooo pathetic :lol:

    I ended up having to only do breaststroke, and then gradually introduce lengths of front crawl as I went, and start doing breaststroke but only breathing every other pull, etc, just so I could improve my lung efficiency and get myself out of the anaerobic zone
  8. Hmm, no it's mainly hypertrophy, I think strength is achieved with medium-high reps and lower weight. I've got this method which is to lift as much as physically possible in one rep, then subtract 5-10kg and then do 6x3 sets at that weight, it's really good for bulking up, my rate of weight gain increased noticeably!

    No idea how the price compares, but it's ok stuff. Comes in those massive tubs as per usual :lol:

    I think swimming is actually really good for building upper body strength and definition, but I think it needs to be coupled with strength work if you're to see results, not sure. I really enjoy swimming, but a flat rate of 100 pounds is hard to make good value, since I have to swim on average 3 times a week to 'break even' compared to just paying as I go.. so on that basis I might go more gym-centric and then just pay for pool access when I want to. Plus you can just sneak in and pretend you left your receipt in the lockers if the lifeguards ask, which they rarely do
  9. Hey dude, sorry for not replying, my laptop's GPU burnt out and totally slipped my mind! The protein shake brand I use is MuscleTech

    I've pulled my neck muscles quite painfully doing some high weight, low reps on the shoulder pull-down machine, so not been to the gym for the last 10 days or so.. which really sucks. Returning home this Friday, so apart from a football game this week I won't be doing anything until I get home. I've got an adjustable dumbell set in the UK, so I'll probably just do a ton of upper-torso stuff on the shoulders, pecs and lats until I get back to uni.

    Then I just need to decide whether to pay £100 for pool and courts access, £240 for gym access, or £270 for both... Still undecided
  10. and I have raced Warrington a few times in the past hehehe

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