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  1. If you create an EU account give me a shout, I'm online now until around 7pm UK time - though the servers are shot to hell at the moment
  2. Nah the SCV is just for mining, people use it for scouting because they're fairly cheap and easily replaceable, whereas a marine costs twice as much, for example.

    Terran doesn't have a scouting unit like the Zerg's overlord/overseer or the protoss observer, you just use suicide-scvs at the beginning and then just use scans from your orbital command (upgrade of command centre) later on. In some ways scans are the best way to scout of all 3 races, since the others can all be shot and detected by cannons and units, but you can't stop a terran from scanning you
  3. Yeah create a new email, because when you made your account it bound it to your email (you'll have noticed that you sign in with your email, and not a username - it's so you can log onto any Blizzard game with the same account details, and have an overarching achievement system etc).
    So I reckon if you create a new account with the same email you'll probably get an error message, though you might get away with it, now that I think about it... try it and see! It wouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Do you live in Europe or NA then?

    There's actually two build menus in starcraft, basic buildings (hotkey B) which is barracks, command centre, refineries for gas, engineering bays, bunkers etc. Then the icon next to it is advanced buildings (hotkey V) which let's you build a factory. Once you've built a factory you can then build starports, armories and so on. So they're separate buildings, but you need one to get the other
  4. Bleh, no it's unchangeable.. You could just create a new trial account with a different email address though? It's not like they're costing you money

    Unless you downloaded a NA client.. not sure how these things work exactly
  5. as in, if you don't have an EU account then that might be the issue
  6. Hmm, did you get a EU account? That's the only other problem I could think of..

    Try adding me, Fyreblade #294
  7. well the FAQ says that I can add trials, I managed to add a "Crazy #647" but don't think that's you
  8. Hmm, either your details are wrong or we're not allowed to friend people on trial accounts.. that'd suck :/

    Are you sure that you're Krazy 647?
  9. No problemo!

    The AI is pretty good (though pretty unimaginative) - give me a shout if you want me to tutor you with my painfully limited knowledge
  10. Don't worry, you're downloading the whole game now

    You get restricted by the type of account you have, which you can upgrade at any point from now on, and your stuff will all get carried over, saving you from doing it again!

    Poop about the starter edition may be purveyed hither

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