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  1. Hey! how's it going? Excuse my name (freakchild) my names Julian. I was reading a forum you were commenting on about LLB at BPP. I saw you posted in your first year. Have you finished yet? I've got some real concerns about the llb course in general and starting to doubt BPP's respect in legal circles. How many people stayed on in your 2nd year? Could you please give me your opinion on everything so far? Would be greatly appreciated

  2. If you 'go advanced' to reply and scroll down you can see all the posts.

    It's a bug -- something to do with deleted posts still being counted in the post count.
  3. Angela contracted to send 100 tins of caviar to Carl, a restaurant owner, with payment to be made within 10 days of delivery. Angela loaded the 100 tins on board a lorry together with another 500 tins of the same caviar to be sent to Debby. Carl was informed that the goods had been despatched.

    After delivering the 500 tins of caviar to Debby, a number of the tins remaining on board the lorry were damaged when they became loose and began rolling about in the back of the lorry. This was caused by the lorry having inadequate facilities to secure goods of this type. When the goods arrived at Carl’s premises he refused to accept them because of the damage in transit.

    please help me i saw u answered someone elses post
  4. hi there, i was wondering if you could tell me abit about the 2 year llb law, whats the structure like of the course? when are the exams and could you do it online? what is the timetable like? is it extensive or dorable?

    thank you very much in advance and have you also graduated yet?
  5. stoop spppaming me!

  6. Dude, I've just browsed the Law academic help section, I really admire your encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, even when you hadn't covered topics yet. In exam term, I'll ask for your secrets.

    Hope you're having better luck in app land. I'm about to start putting together stuff for first year schemes.
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  8. hi, i read your post about consumer law your reply was really helpful and i thank you for that.i have a few problem questions i am dealing with, i would really appreciate it if you could help me.

    The damage to the Lotus’ bodywork was extensive and the repair works took some weeks. When jamie got the car back he noticed that every time it rained water seemed to leak through the seals of the new windscreen, which had been fitted. He also noticed a number of dents and scratches in the side panel, which had not been repaired properly. The car had been resprayed, and jamie had asked for “Lotus Yellow” paint but the colour did not match the sample swatch he had been shown. Simon took the car back to Mohammed two months after the repairs had been carried out and asked him to fix the problems, but Mohammed refused and told him that if he wanted more work done he’d have to pay for it.

    what i know so far is that this falls under SOGASA act. and to do with carrying out work with reasonable care and skill. does mohammed have to repair the defects free of charge, and because he bought car back after two months would that make a difference. how would i structure an answer for this

    second question:

    He went into New Jewels and saw an enormous solitaire ring. The ring was in the window with a big sign beside it saying “Final Reductions! Bargain!”. A smaller sign on the other side said “Sale items sold as seen. No refunds under any circumstances”. He bought the ring for Suzie. When he got home he couldn’t wait so showed Suzie the ring. She tried it on and the stone immediately fell out of the setting. Suzie was devastated.

    Simon rushed back to the jewellers who said they would issue a credit note or do a repair, but would not refund the money because the ring had been reduced in the sale


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