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  1. Lol. Cool, I am Sunni. Where are you from, originally then?
  2. You couldnt have more of a tragic username, sorry

    Are you Shia?
  3. Doratheexplorer
  4. You mean Khalifa. OK, this is going to go into Sunni and Shia hadiths, which I haven't got enough knowledge on to debate.
  5. Doratheexplorer
    They see him as the true ruler/Khalkha whereas we see the prophets family as the true successors, because they are his family and the prophet said they would success, but they didn't
  6. In your thread you replied to me and said something about Sunni's following Abu Bakr (ra)...?
  7. I didn't understand what you said about Abu Bakr...?
  8. Ahahahahahahah...ahahahahahahaha hahahah

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