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  1. hey fellow malaysian! just wanted to say congrats on your offers! I have decided to study architecture at the AA, so if you have chosen to study in London maybe I'll see you around?
  2. Ridiculous. Well first I emailed which is the address I got the offer email from AND who told me to email him if I had any queries about my offer!! Then I messaged the general admissions address and they replied a day later saying they'd forwarded my email to the manager of the admissions guy who was meant to reply to my first email. This was on Friday and I haven't heard back from there yet. This is my Flickr portfolio: and no idk anyone who's there now.. As of today I'm considering declining all my offers and applying through extra to central st martin's cos Westminster just seems too disorganised, even when I went for my interview they didn't seem to know when they'd organised my interview for and it was all a bit of a shambles.. And my other offers are Kingston and London met but neither seem quite right for me sooo I'm gonna think about csm and maybe take a leap of faith!
  3. Heey, I noticed on a thread that you got an offer from Westminster, ABB with A in art, same as me, did you ever contact them about negotiating it? Cos I got a freakin D last year (don't even ask, it was ridiculous..) so even if I got 100% in both units this year the highest I can possibly get is a B, so I don't get why they even bothered giving me an offer like that.. Anyway, I emailed them back a month ago, no reply, tried calling them yesterday, nobody picked up.. It's starting to put me off the whole place altogether! But yeah, have you managed to talk to them at all?
  4. Wow congratz on both UCL and Edin!! Is it an online interview?
  5. Hey did you received any offers? Have you heard anything about Edinburgh?
  6. I'm gonna do a mixture of both... What other unis have you applied for?
  7. Haha! I don't have a clue... "It can (and should) be done in one Saturday or Sunday morning". I just know that I'm not capable of even finishing one piece on a morning...
    Are you an international applicant?
  8. I've applied for Cardiff Newcastle Northumbria and Westminster. wbu?
  9. hey! just read ur a malaysian applying to UK for architecture too! we're on the same boat!

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