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  1. Do you have facebook I'll add you on there
  2. I got an A*, full marks in the criminal law exam don't understand how but yeah. half the reason why I'm thinking of changing course.
  3. Hi, looking forward to seeing you at university and possibly living with you. Spoke to you before about OCR Law. How did you do in your exams btw?
  4. Hello Fward u will ne a postgraduate student at Surrey??what u will study??
  5. Hey, I've only just seen this message sorry. For some reason TSR hasn't been letting me know about any new messages!

    As for your question, it depends where you look; if you go through the university's official channels for renting houses then no, there's no charges for the admin of renting the houses. However if you decide to go with a private letting agency, then obviously there's the charges that they apply, as they would with any customer that they rent to.
  6. I see Dan hasn't answered your question about estate agents in Guildford (or has PMed you instead.)

    I can confirm that ALL real estate agents in Guildford charge an admin fee upon renting a flat. Sometimes this is around £200/£300 or so... If you have any other questions about Surrey/or especially Guildford, don't hesitate to PM me
  7. Hello Fward!! Can I call you like this?? :^_^:
    I've just heard that you'll be studying in University of Surrey next year,am I right? So I just wanted to say hi :hi:

    Did you decide about your university accommodation??
    Cause I'm still struggling about this matter

    And I'm sorry about my English,I know it is not as good as it used to be :/
  8. Yeah when I went to look around they had some new accommodation blocks which looked pretty nice.

    Ah God that would be so annoying!

    Jane will be pleased :P

    Yep. I'm actually in a similar situation to you- I'm retaking one of my Psych. units. I think I need 3 marks to get an A*
  9. Awesome- did she enjoy it??
    True- that exam was a right pain, so I don't envy you that :P
    Oh cool so your carrying on with law then Psychology for me
  10. Yep- I'm going with Exeter

    Ah lucky- not having to worry about getting grades in June!

    What are you going off to do again?

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