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  1. i didnt like any of the structure determination, was taught really bad IMO, the descriptions in the textbook are completely useless when ur given an nmr/mass spec question, doesn't help when you've got a ******* teacher too.. i just put random letters in all the mass spec q's, win
  2. If there's any topics your having trouble with let me know i'll try n help, go over structure determination too! comes up every time
  3. trust me i'm not, and i honestly have no idea, i was already planning my resits.. i think the key thing to do is get sorted on acids and bases, those questions were worth the most marks. as for the rest, just try and memorise as much of the book as you can, good luck!
  4. Ah man :/ i thought i'd done really badly too, turned out I got an A somehow, still waiting for them to tell me they got my results mixed up with someone else's. I know i definitely ****ed up structure determination - my worst topic ever and all 3 big questions came up on it
  5. I messed up on that one too, for the "how did they decide how many glass beads to put in each" question i put to guess so they're roughly the same.. *facepalm*

    Well good luck for the next try, if you need any help gimme a shout. How'd chemistry go?
  6. Heyy, not bad thank you, got an A how about you?
  7. thank you! they'll come in useful, and I've found a website you can use for past papers on each topic:

    Good luck!
  8. Its all understanding really...

    I make sure I understand the whole topic...

    Chemistry is actually easier at A2 than AS (last year I kept getting Cs in mocks and didnt attempt a single past paper... This year I got the third highest in a topic test which I didnt even know we had :P)

    I take bad grades as an indicator: If you do badly this is the grade you will get...

    Oh if you ever need help in Bio or Chem just ask
  9. Thanx

    Haha thats if I FEEL like workin...

    I dont work AT ALL some days...

    So what are you doin?? (Your about me is blank so I have no idea )
  10. Look on my about me...

    It says it all there

    Yes I am doing A2...

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