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  1. You seem to have some contravercial ideas, how have you still got a green gem?!?!?! (BTW I don't think I've ever negged you but with all the religious people on here that seem to hate you, it's surprising TBH)
  2. You seriously don't understand what misquoting Ibn Kathir means.

    Caught twice now.

    You're wasting my time. Bye.
  3. Are you kidding me? You're in your last year at university? I was certain that you were more like 16!
  4. why can't you just be happy
  5. ideas4life
    @Nadia786. You cant even quote hadith properly. The hadith i used are from university of south carolina which use a different notation xx: yyyy for sahih muslim.

    i will be returning on tsr in 4 days
  6. I reckon you were arrested and that you've been in prison for hate crimes. Who agrees with me that this is the most likely possibility? (I'm not saying that it's true, only that it's the most likely.)
  7. Guys of TSR, ideas4lyf said hes 'going to be busy with certain things' :eek:

    I think he is planning a bomb to wipe out all the muslims! :afraid:

    A response to one of your threads. You really need to verify your sources properly, god knows where you got those quotes from.
  9. ideas4life
    I wont be that active in the sutdent room in the next few weeks. I am busy with certian things. You can contact me on skype if you need me. id is alo-miqy

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