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  1. thank you! really appreciate it :')
  2. okay then but your profile pic is :drool:
  3. That's good! I've got my first biology module in Jan :eek: Pretty scared about it
  4. Hey! How have you been? How's UCL?
  5. I'm sorry my typing sucks ! I was talking about you and now that I've had a chance to think about it ,I was probably being a little rude
  6. lol, you silly
  7. I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude ,he have a nice body
  8. SEXY!!!!!
  9. that's cool
  10. bro don't chat **** cuz

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    Where I study
    Im a Kitty
    What is that?
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    Academic Info
    GCSE: 3A*s and 5As
    IGCSE: 3A*s

    AS: Chemistry, Biology, Latin and Maths
    3As and 1B

    A2 predictions: Dropped Math bdw...
    3As (Apparently Im failing Bio...)

    UKCAT (Unfortunately I took it in July so didnt know I had Meares-Irlen so I wasnt able to do UKCATSEN) : VR=570, QR=630, AR= 680, DA= 770

    BMAT: (Now I know my results reflect on me but Im happy with them) 4.4, 4.9, 3.5 B

    Uni shizzle:

    Firm = UCL medicine (AAA)
    Insurance = UCL biochemistry (AAA)
    Meowing :P

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