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  1. hey not spoken to you for a while, how are you keeping?
  2. Ah ok. I'll send you my msn then you can add me or vice-versa?
  3. I guess you don't want to add me to facebook then
  4. BNP? oh dear stay away from them! I hope you're not a nazi but I guess you're not otherwise you wouldn't be speaking to me haha. Manchester weather isn't exactly known for being the Miami of Northern England but it's liveable I guess. You should come visit some time.
  5. Mir gehts gut und sie? Graphic novels i.e. the posh word for comics hehe. Fave graphic novel is Watchmen. Loved the movie. I'd like to come Keele it depends on many factors but the med school is very small so they may not be able to accommodate me. It'd be great as Keele is only 40 mins by train where I live (Manchester). And ofcourse if I come Keele we can hang out. Keele campus is good but I'm not fond of Stoke on Trent as a city. It has a very bad reputation especially for racism. But I guess I'll be in the hospital and/or in the library or my room studying most of the time so no need to worry about that hehe.
  6. Guten tag!
  7. Well at the moment I've taken a year out from my full-time course (Medicine at Exeter) to do an intercalated degree in Business Studies via distance learning which I should complete by April. After that I'm working at the Olympics and then wil head back to med school in September although I may be transfering to another school (Keele is on the list) or may even consider going onto an MBA or something. What are you doing at Keele?
  8. LoL my skin oh dear I really wouldn't know. How many guys, straight guys go around proclaiming to have lovely skin? It's ok I suppose and its smooth with the post-shave balm.
  9. England My parents are frm India but I was born and raised in England/UK so you could say I'm British-Indian. But yes German and Dutch girls are good. I see you're at Keele? You like it there?
  10. German girl = The Best!

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