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  1. But he was being mean to me
  2. n00
    4 weeks ago
    Disappointing gone before you could answer.
    You're not a fascist too are you?
  3. Sir You are being Hunted is quite good. You played the STALKER games at all?
  4. thanks for deleting my muslim & kids thread.
  5. You removed my video with the cows being killed! For the sake of debate, was it the bolt gun at the start or the slightly over-zealous portrayal of Halal slaughter later on that got the video thrown out? I thought the video was probably Ok since at 16 I'm one of the youngest actually on TSR.
  6. 'The Modfather' - brilliant
  7. Sorry, why on Earth has Sunni society been shut down? You must acknowledge that there are different sects within Islam which have differing beliefs, and so the adherents want an individual platform on which to express this?
  8. OI!!

    What time we meeting tomorrow?
  9. Congrats on second place for debator of the year. Might I say that since I've come to uni and slacked off on here your posts seem to be of better quality when it comes to debating.

    Here's to another year.
  10. Dat avatar though

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