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  1. One more thing: this is starting up in September, for anyone who's interested. It's a student thing, but the launch event in March got a pretty good turnout from Engineering and Design students and lecturers. I've just applied for September's new exec team - there's all sorts of other relevant clubs and societies, too. They're worth a look.
  2. Great to hear, hope you enjoy it! Drop me a reply if you think of anything else to ask.

    I'm back from placement at the start of August and heading into my final year. I'm planning to get involved (you'll hear that phrase a lot from the student union) in helping organise and publicise Freshers' Week again. So you might see me around.

    ...But probably not.
  3. Sure, no problem.

    Personally, I'm happy in the School of Engineering. I tend to rely on my coursemates or lecturer if I need a hand with something - we're all allocated a personal tutor but I can't even remember who mine is. :cool:

    In my experience, though, the staff seem to be pretty approachable. I've actually just had a discussion this afternoon with the Multimedia course director about my final-year project (I'd like to make a half-decent Brunel iPhone app). Wasn't sure if we'd be done talking after five minutes, but after an hour and ten, he'd ok'd the idea, introduced me to another member of staff with an appropriate background, helped map out what such a project could focus on, suggested some relevant final-year modules, and said he'd have a think about Brunel staff members worth talking to. Not necessarily representative of all staff, but still - not bad.

    Halls are fairly good - although I got lucky with where I was put. I was in Borough Road Hall (in the Lancaster Complex) in my first year, which was only three or four years old at the time. There's some grottier ones, of course (best go for an en-suite if you can) and I'm now about to leave a university-owned house after two years living just down the road from campus with four friends.

    It's not perfect. The sooner the library staff crack down on people using it as a social area, the better (although it's improved, admittedly). Course feedback can be slow at times, but, while it's nice when it comes back quickly, it's not something I'd rate Brunel up or down over.

    As for the 'Brunel is crap...' thread, ugh. I'm not a Brunel apologist, but when responding to people on here I always say that your experience will never be the same as mine or anyone else's on here. Even as part of the same School, you'll likely have different lecturers, halls and social activities you involve yourself with. I'd argue that's typical of any university, really.

    But, yeah, it's been the right choice for me.
  4. I'm not, I'm afraid - I'm on the Multimedia Technology & Design course. I can help out with any Brunel- or School of Engineering & Design-related stuff, but probably not course-specific, sorry!
  5. Don't know anyone doing that I'm afraid, post a thread though, I'm sure you'll get some honest advice!
  6. I did economics.

    Just look at their position in the league tables.

    You won't get a decent job when you come out, I'm the top performer in my course, I have internships at banks and a second language but i'm finding it impossible to get on a bank grad scheme with a brunel degree.

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