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  1. Paha! The personal statement just forces you write that stuff it's like inevitable I put in mine something like 'i believe I'll make an excellent student at any institution'!!!! 2 of them didn't agree lmao!!! Ah UCAS what a crazy thing it is. The journey is almost over! Kinda sad really! I'm so scared to firm up it's all so final! Madness lol
  2. Haha thanks yeah I like to believe that too. Some things are just meant to be
    Haha yeah there's me just being like let's just get firsts just casually I'm really worried I'm going to struggle to write in the correct style and understand all the jargon! Especially after a year out my brain is mush lol. But got to aim high I suppose!
  3. Yeah it really does! Oxford and UCL. Was pretty gutted but not exactly surprised! Lol.
    You really shouldn't worry you definitely have to go with gut instinct you can't be unhappy for 3 years! I think people do better when they are happier anyway I remember reading in a thread about a Leicester student with a Freshfields TC so there's no need to worry! I think it's getting the top grades that's important for grads outside of Oxbridge so I'm hoping I can manage a first lol. Going to be tough though!
  4. Haha! Thanks hun I was so pleased after a fair share of rejection though everyone goes through it as you know! Ah brilliant I'm so happy you made a choice I know you were really unsure! Did you look at Brum in the end? I've never actually been to the Uni although I don't leave too far from Birmingham. I'm sure you'll love Leicester
  5. Aha thanks! I've decided I'm going to go to Warwick. Super excited! how about you?
  6. Which post hun? Lol
    I got 10.5 A*s, 1 A at GCSE.
    AAAAA at AS and A*A*AAA at A2 (on gap year). My subjects were English Literature, Drama, Maths with Statistics, Dance and GS. Not dream subjects for Law but never mind lol!
  7. Fair enough man! I dropped ICT after AS, despite getting an A. Good luck to you anyway, you gonna firm Leicester then?
  8. aww thank you you too x
  9. Haha don't worry I'm just as bad! I got sick of waiting to hear from one of mine so withdrew the application coz i didn't want to go there anyway!
  10. erm well yesterday i firmed lincoln and insured stafford

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