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  1. Hello! I was just wondering how your results went, and what Uni you plan on going. Hope everything went well!
  2. I had; sociology, geography, x2 philosophy & ethics and x2 general studies :/ I really have no idea how all my exams went which is quite worrying How did yours go?
  3. Marial79
    Six. Ouch. Which ones are they? I don't know if you told me before, but what subjects are you doing? Good Luck! I'm sure you'll do fine if you put in the effort. XD. I only have three but i still need to work my arse off if i want to get the grades I want and to get into Kings. Lol. Stress is horrible, i tend to just ignore everything when i get really pressured which to say the least is not good, lol. But yeah, I really need to do this. Eeek.
  4. Exactly the same here! I have 6 exams, and I am not prepared at all, I'm starting to panic big time there is just so much to learn and so little time! ahhhh, stress is kicking in haha!
  5. Marial79
    Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I put Kings for Firm and QM for Insurance. What about you?
    I just really really need to get the grades now. Eeek. Breathe. It will be fine. We can do it. XD How many exams you got coming up? You think youre prepared?
  6. I'm sure you can do it! Have you put down your firm yet? My predicted grades are AAAB But whether or not I will be able to get them grades is a different story, and I don't live far from London
  7. Marial79
    Hey! I got into Kings! But like you said, they want AAB for me too, even though I was predicted ABB - I assumed that they would do a conditional with my predicted grades so that was a bit...unnerving. And I don't know if I can do it, but i'm going to try. So i'm probably going to firm Kings, and if I don't do it then I'll have Queens who want ABB and are pretty good too. So yeah. I think maybe it would be worth visiting their open days so you are really sure before you make your decision. What are you predicted? And just out of interest, do you live in London?
  8. Thats fine, no problem !
    I haven't made my mind up what I want as my firm / insurance yet Kings want AAB and Queens want 340 points roughly so anything from AAB-ABB all scary stuff & thanks! I hope so too! Congrats on the offers! You should hear any day soon, but fingers crossed!
  9. Hey I saw your posts on the geography applicants thread, I'm also (hopefully) going to study at Kings / QM is I get the grades haha
    Have you had any offers yet?

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