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  1. argh can't figure out this TSR conversation thing...

    That's fine! If there's anything else you're unsure about let me know. Try and see if you can hunt down a few of the Eng/Drama courses or modules so you can name them directly - it really shows that you're serious about everything. Oh and don't worry about being nervous too... I was pretty nervous and shaky for the first bit of my interview and I think it showed a little. But they shouldn't care if you're nervous because at least it shows that you're not over-confident

    Also, check out some of these links I found when preparing for my interview. They're more geared toward PhD interviews, but they might be useful:

    There's tons more around if you search, but maybe it'd be best not to get over-worried about it, I'm sure you'll do fine. I have a friend who did Drama at Warwick and she loved it... it sounds like a very welcoming place.

    My interview was great... they grilled me on a few points about my thesis, but this was mainly to make sure that I actually knew what I was talking about. Turns out that both the interviewers are going to co-supervise me which is going to be awesome. Now I've just got to hope I get a scholarship!

    Where are you from, btw?

    Good luck with it all, and perhaps I'll see you around campus next year!
  2. Hey, well I guess a PhD interview is really different. Basically they asked me a lot of details about my thesis proposal, suggesting other possible directions I might take with it. They also wanted to know why I was interested in certain approaches and philosophers etc. Basically I think it was a case of just testing me to see how I stood up under pressure and to make sure that I didn't just get someone else to write my thesis proposal.They asked a couple of tricky questions (nothing too bad) but despite this they weren't at all intimidating.

    I guess for you the questions will be much different because you're not intending to work on a thesis or anything. I'd say that the questions they'd ask you is why you're interested in taking English/Drama, and where you see it taking you later (in terms of academic interest). I'd suggest taking a good look at the Warwick English/drama site and trying to get as much information as you can about the courses you'll be doing. They'll probably ask you why you chose Warwick, and the best way to answer that is something along the lines of "I'm really interested in Warwick because of the integration of the English/Drama departments, and the emphasis on X because it has been something I've been very interested in" etc etc. The more specifics you can give the better. Plus it shows that you haven't just put down Warwick because of its reputation. Try and make it sound as if Warwick really is the perfect fit for what you're interested in (even if it's not).

    That's probably too much detail for an undergrad interview though

    When is the interview?

    Oh, mine was a phone interview also (seeing as I'm in Australia) so it might be a bit different.
  3. Hey! Just noticed you posted in the Warwick thread about having an interview - I just had an English department interview. Mine was for PhD though, are you applying to undergrad?

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