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  1. Greg!!!

  2. Greg!!! :hi:

    OMG it has been so long! :hugs:

    Sorry mate, I was busy with work and the ups and downs of life. Apologize =(

    How's everything!? How's life and debates!? You must be doing awesome-ly!! :woo:

    Yeah, going back to the earlier debate; I'd agree. She can make her enemies look foolish. I was talking to my supervisor on how to deflect answers if the invigilators started to become hostile during the presentation, and use some of her techniques e.g. who, what, where and when retorts and my supervisor likes it! (Of course I didn't mention I'm using Thatcher's retorts )

    You put it nicely Yes, I would agree of what you said. At the moment I'm wondering on how to actually do what she did (quickly) - reduce her argument down to the simplest of facts and statements which were incounterable, even if they were cunningly avoiding the question. Any tips for me if you know any? =)

    I think she handled it very well. The interviewer was citing some very biased opinion; one or two people from cabs, pubs, etc? Probably they are the oppositions trying to kill her character, yet again :rolleyes:
    I like the way she said; "Why don't you ask them? And why won't you tell me their names and who they are?" LOL. I also like the last part where she handled the pig-headed comment; "And if you find people saying things like that, why won't you ask them instead of asking me?" Clever way to deflect personal insult.

    How has it been? Any good debates to share?
  3. I'm fine thanks Greg I'm wondering too!
  4. I would describe myself as centre/centre-left (in real life I'm a member of the Labour party).
  5. Hey! :dance:

    Don't worry about it mate. How is it going? Hope you're doing well there How's the preparation for the debate and all?

    Yes I think she did very well! The best part is she was very calm about it. If you looked very closely, she shook her head in disapproval, yet still smiling, when the interviewer can't tell her who those people are (lol). I have no idea how she could be so articulated really! :eek: Such skills.

    I was wondering, what if someone else were to be asked the exact question; how would they handle such question. What do you think? Do you think most people would be able to handle as professionally as her?

    There's another one which is also interesting to watch; is where a school teacher confronted Thatcher about the sinking of the Belgrano when Argentina invaded the Falklands: Thatcher vs Gould.

    I'm very eager to know your views on how she handled the situation
  6. Don't worry about it.
  7. Hello! If there are any questions you want to ask, honestly fire away.
  8. Thank you so much!!

    I'm looking forward to your reply!
  9. Hey :hi:

    Sorry for the late reply. Was busy with work and all =/ I'm doing research in Programming Language; meh, boring stuff

    I'm trying to find the debating vid you mentioned from the Debating Cambridge Union Society. If you have a linky, mind sharing it with me?

    Owh, here's a debate/arguement that I would like you to watch -Thatcher was asked why people called her "pig-headed". See how she argued and tell me what you think Did she do a good job at it, or is there a better way of arguing, etc

    Watch clip number 4
  10. You got yourself a good teacher I almost quit myself! :eek: But I figured, at that time, it would be my last chance debating as a student, so I stayed on; glad I did!

    :eek: I had that problem as well; talking too fast I mean. But this happened probably because I needed to really glue all the arguments together in a short time, hence the inconsistent and fast manner of speech. But hopefully, I've improved after the debates I did before

    H-BOMB? Wow. He must be very good! Do you still remember any memorable debates he did?

    Lol. Regarding the Britney Spears allegory, I wanted to put that on one of my arguments during a debate the involved a topic about celebrities, but a team member of mine refused to let me include that particular argument =/ At the end of the evaluation, the judge asked why didn't we include an argument that involved Britney Spears! =/

    I think it's called Nitpicking? I might be wrong; please do correct me if I'm wrong; I also want to know the real term

    :eek: I know what you mean! Sometimes their arguments are just so flawed that I trap my own reasoning with my own irritated feelings toward them (get it?).

    Owh gosh, I haven't debated in a tournament for a long time. Can't really answer that question I'm afraid =/. But currently, I still need to know the art of good argumentation and speeches because the work I'm doing at the moment needs to be presented to these particular people (academic panel) and they will criticize and scrutinize the work, therefore I still need to keep up with all the debating skills available. Also, I'm taking a Philosophy course, but it's more of a Scientific driven Philosophical course, so most of the time, I would debate with this lecturer in the class room. So much fun!

    If you have any tips or any key people that have inspired you to do debates, I hope you could share those with me I'm still eager to learn!

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