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  1. Yeah a bit goes towards that, apparently some of the materials and printing costs are subsidised too, but again it depends which university gives the most subsidising
  2. Nottingham was the only one to do one like that, I know its crazy. If I go somewhere else I think I may pester them until they give in and do something similar, after all it is a draw to the university! They really depend on how subsidised they are, some the university pay for most of it, some don't. And also it depends on the accommodation they use and the transport, so sorry I'm really not much help
  3. Does it not say? Well I know most have trips to major European cities, where you study different kinds of architecture and sketch and things, but this one, at Nottingham was to South Africa where they actually designed and made a nursery school for a charity it looked sooooo good. Obviously all of them you have to pay extra for so I guess you can't go on all of them, I'm not sure how you chose though.
  4. Yeah not necessarily the Scottish people just everyone seemed to be really posh, who were applying to architecture and a bit stand-offish if you know what I mean. And the head of the department wasn't great at answering a question about applications, so I thought it might be a wasted application in the end.

    I can imagine going to any now, I just really want to do the course, really my first choice would be Nottingham but I haven't heard back from them yet and the grades will be high. I loved the department and it's close to home and they had this trip which sounded AMAZING, but ah well
  5. Also when I went to Northumbria I met some really nice people who applied to some of the same places as me, not that I know any of their names :s. But it has to be said when I went to the Dundee open day there were people who I didn't like straight away
  6. Well I've been to Sheffield, Nottingham, Northumbria (twice) and Newcastle plus I also went to Kent and Dundee but didn't apply to them. So I think I know which I like best based on that, so have you seen everywhere that you applied to?
  7. I know thats a good point, you may have convinced me to go to the open day now.

    And I know about the accomadation issue, I know its a gamble but hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult to get AAA, I'm doing general studies as a 4th A-level and that counts so maybe even if I don't get 3 As I can beg my way in with 4? Who knows, but its worth a try
  8. No I went to an open day over the summer at Sheffield, but it was before they opened the new Architecture building, so I'm sure that will be amazing now. I'm not sure if I should go on a post-application visit day or not, its not far but I don't know if it's worth missing a day of school for :/

    And I know LJMU isn't really comparable with Sheffield teaching wise but it will probably still be my insurance anyway as all they want is BBB, and Sheffield want AAA
  9. Oh well I had an interview at Northumbria, and took a protfolio, then got rejected, so they obviously didn't like me... not a good sign But I applied quite early so I guess thats why they replied so quickly.

    Well its good you have your heart set on somewhere it shows you really want it, I honestly haven't really looked into living costs but Sheffield is supposed to be a cheap place to live so hopefully I will be ok.

    I had the same thing with Liverpool John Moores I have a friend who went there and loved everything about it, can't say I've been completely convinced, but I haven't been there yet so you never know
  10. Yeah well, I've been rejected from Northumbria, well offered a different course but it's the same really.

    So first choice is Sheffield as I have an offer from them and insurance is LJMU, but who knows maybe I will change my mind. Have you decided on your first and insurance?

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    Hi I'm Nick, 20, yorkshire born, been to college taken a couple years out just working really and now ready for University working towards my A Level maths to top up my Points/grades I'm hoping to study Architecture 2012 aslong as I'm accepted somewhere, just jumping the hurdlesss
    I've applied for:-
    Oxford Brooke's
    Robert Gordon
    If your thinking of going to any of the above get in touch! If anyone has any tips guidance for portfolios and interviews would love em thanks xD,
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    BTEC National in Business Distinction/Merit
    Studying Maths A Level exams May/June

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