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  1. Urm Science B3 C3 P3 and I may be doing R.E. Unit 11 if he lets me do it early
    No trust me you will you'll probably get an A
  2. Yep at least not that
    Hhaha I have exams next month too
    Good Luck and dont worry you'll do fine
  3. I had science and history science was ok/good and history was meh ok Thanks for asking when's yours??
  4. But but but...... I HAVE TOO!
  5. Hmm still a distraction I need peace and quiet
  6. Haha ok dude but this music on my phone is too addicting
  7. Hhaha your prob thinking wow she wants someone to die!
    Meh maths was good but geog was ok/good I didnt finish it
  8. You're welcome
    & that sounds interesting
    It was just Homer's Odyssey, I believe, I'm no longer doing classics
    Yeah History of Art is great
    & wow, both modules in June, if you can handle it then that's good, gives you time to focus on other subjects for January!
  9. Great so far!!
  10. I kinda want gauis to die to bring some emotion in I need emotion :emo: I Know but I kinda want it to carry on what will I do without it :cry2:

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