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  1. I hear ya sis! Hopefully situation doesn't get worse, esp. when you look like blatant muslim Remember to double check, don't end up going when your not wanted. lol !
  2. Thanks for that encouragement! I pray that the same happens for you. But it's just so hard to maintain a constant determination and motivate yourself-->the current situation in our country doesn't help! Yep, we get two weeks off after our exams and then go back 17th June as 'year 13's'. How about you? I think I'll go revise Chem. and Bio. now
  3. That is so true! Although I hope and pray everyday that my journey doesn't end. I really don't want to be doing any retakes but I would rather do them if it means I get good grades in Year 13.
  4. Yep I was thinking exactly the same thing! I actually think it should be more gradual...A person can dream
  5. That's cool How did you find your transition from mere GCSE school girl to stranded desert island A level girl lol
  6. Oh really?! There's alot of them up there
  7. I take: Biology, Chemistry, English Lit. and History! How about you? Saw you go to a Private School, which one?
  8. Aww that's good to hear! After tomorrow I have two left! lol I'll pray for you and you me!!
  9. Guess who came back? It's been a LONG time since I talked to you! How you keeping?
  10. Hello,
    Yeah our teacher provides us with everything, and we have access to all her presentations, and case studies etc
    Do you plan to do an exam in it, or is it just kind of for extra learning?
    Hope your May/June exams go well, best of luck to you!

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