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  1. LOL actually i was tryna click the pos rep because ur post sounded funny but clicked the neg rep by mistke.. couldnt figure out how to change it
  2. I had a sub a few months back, but didn't make much use of it. I don't have time for TSR now really One or two posts a day.
  3. Which ones, Kater? How is the Shoutbox now that I'm gone? I bet nobody misses me!!
  4. You're such a bull****ter, Katherine Herp-Derp.
  5. sauce

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    Hello. Today I am a miserable, wretched, putrid thing.
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    I was stealing saltshakers again. Ten, sometimes twelve a night, shoving them in my pockets, hiding them up my sleeves, smuggling them out of bars and diners and anywhere else I could find them. In the morning, wherever I woke up, I was always covered in salt. I was cured meat. I had become beef jerky. Even as a small, small child, I knew it would one day come to this.

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