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  1. Perseveranze
    Lol, shouldn't be hoping hell for anyone.
  2. Long live Assad. Hope the Salafists rot in hell.
  3. Are you an arab?
  4. Hey, I must say, you make some great posts. I wish you wouldn't curse so much tho
  5. Perseveranze
    it was about pakistani weddings and you posted this racist video
    This video isn't racist -

    You complete and utterly clueless. He's criticising some cultural weddings in Pakistan, saying they are unislamic due to some of the practices that go on. Go ask any Pakistani Muslim, and they would've said the same thing. In fact, most of the people that replied to that thread, are Pakistani's.

    The fact you interpreted that as "racist", just proves to me how you must've had no chance in interpreting Islam.
  6. And it's funny how over here you act like a half-decent person but when it's an all muslim environment you expose yourself badly.
  7. Stop talking rubbish, you know what i'm talking about, it was about pakistani weddings and you posted this racist video and then went on to insult all pakistanis. I'm an atheist and I have enough morals not to insult entire populations, yet you guys can't even look past race. Oh and here is the video you posted, I couldn't find that thread but I saw it this morning. You know what i'm talking about.
  8. Perseveranze
    Well there was a thread about Asian weddings and you posted this video of a racist preacher spreading hate against Pakistanis, he was talking about how all Pakistanis are bad and in a particular way. You then went on to laugh and insult an entire race, don't remember exactly what you said. Islam creates the most racism and you're living proof. If you want I'll give you the link.
    That's what you posted. Now I'm asking you to show me.

    note: " don't remember exactly what you said." lmao
  9. Go on my profile to see what I mean. You know you've been exposed so you're panicking.
  10. Perseveranze
    Ok Theoneoranro, I would love to see this lol. Post your proof.

    You lie about Islam, so can't say I'm surprised if you lie about other things. Such a bad habit.

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